Thursday, June 7, 2012

2012 PRIMA Conference

Now that the 2012 PRIMA Conference has concluded, we would like to congratulate the PRIMA staff for a very well run conference for the vendors. Short, sweet, and a real effort to get the attendees in the room to see us made for a great experience.

It is very plain to see that with the changing of the guard in Risk Management, driver safety has made it to the top levels of importance as a means to mitigate the costs associated with vehicle accidents and crashes. Whether it be for local police officers, mass transit drivers, or sanitary service truck drivers, statistics show that driver training programs must be improved.

With the overwhelming number of attendees we talked to, it was clear that the virtual training world has its limitations. The need for well thought out driver safety programs that put the driver behind the wheel are needed now more than ever.

Considering that budgets, facilities, and time all remain as challenges to training, our SKIDCAR equipment and driver training products are a solution that many of the PRIMA conference attendees now recognize and are considering as they move forward.

We are very proud of our long term associations with the Alabama Municipal Insurance Corporation and Nevada Public Agency Insurance Pool who are members of PRIMA. Furthermore, we are proud to be part of an industry that learns from the past to help build a safer future.

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